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Compact Course on Domestic Biogas

This course reader was first issued as a short paper in 2005. Over the years it has grown as it has been updated with the experiences from the rapidly growing number of national bio-digester programes in Asia and Africa. The present reader contains basic information on the biochemical process producing Biogas and on different Bio-digester… Read more »

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905 – Program Logical Framework – Water Supply – Biogas – Uganda – Report Examples

This document is an example of a 905 Program Logical Framework form for a biogas and water supply project in Uganda.

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Viability and Sustainability of Biogas

A report (Dec. 05) on the viability and sustainability of Biogas digesters (types III) and Biomass gasification (type IV) technologies. The report talks in depth about the costs and technical assessment of both types of technologies with emphasis on their viability in a village-based system. The report would be helpful for giving an introduction to… Read more »


Running a Biogas Program

An older book (1988) providing a comprehensive overview of Biogas programs. Includes information on National Programs in China, Nepal, and India; basic building techniques; site selection; structuring biogas programs; and economic analysis of potential programs.


Biogas Self Construction Manual

A guide with pictures to constructing a Biogas Digester. Note that construction shouldn’t be started without review by a professional engineer.


Biogas Development in Kenya

A report reviewing the Biogas Programme implementation in Kenya.


Biogas Construction Training Handout

A handout with general training on the construction of a biogas digester. It includes information about site selection, construction planning, construction materials, brick laying piping systems.