EWB’s disaster response team responds to the recovery needs of communities hit by natural disasters. Working alongside our in-country client, our volunteers conduct engineering assessments and  provide advisory services related to the long-term building strategy of the communities we work with. 

Our focus with this work is building the local capacity and ensuring that our client is provided with critical information needed to rebuild in a sustainable and resilient manner. 

How to join

Our volunteers are highly skilled and  play an essential role in each project. To fill our roster we look for skilled engineers in a range of disciplines related to disaster recovery,  however, we are primarily focused in the following areas:

  • Building design and inspection
  • Structural design in risk prone areas
  • Construction oversight
  • Infrastructure planning and design
  • Flood risk assessment 

Volunteers typically have at least five years of experience in their field. Our average volunteer has 15 years or more of experience.

If you are interested in collaborating, please complete the interest form here.

Where we work

We provide technical expertise and support around the world, however our main focus is in the Caribbean and Latin American region.

Current updates

Grand Bahama, like many of the islands in the Bahamas, includes land only meters above sea level.  Hurricane Dorian struck the island as a Category 5 storm and stalled on the island with high winds and a very high storm surge.  In November 2019, EWB spent 3 weeks working with the local government (GBPA) of Freeport in Grand Bahama to provide engineering advice in their early recovery efforts following Hurricane Dorian.  A team of five experienced engineers inspected hurricane damage, providing specific recommendations surrounding adaptation to risks associated with climate-related tropical storm patterns and sea level rise. Our deliverables for this project include:

  • Building damage assessment methods for Hurricane Dorian and future storms
  • Bridge and roadway repairs recommendations
  • Beach erosion and impacts on ocean front infrastructure assessments
  • Flood zoning as well as potential improvements in building resilience

I have been very satisfied working with EWB  and very impressed by the great professionalism shown by the head of mission. Working with UNDP staff have been a very rewarding experience too.”- Antonio Klaus Kaarsberg, EWB-Denmark


“Great opportunity for professionals to broaden their skills in a challenging environment.”– Gary Feuerstein, EWB-USA