World Water Day: Taking Strides to End the World Water Crisis

“Do what you can, do it with others and do it with passion”
Guy Ryder, Chair of UN-Water

Today the world comes together to talk about one simple thing: water. Water is the crucial ingredient for leading healthy, productive lives. With more than 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home, World Water Day marks a day of unity and action in hopes of making this reality a thing of the past.

Engineers Without Borders USA’s more than 350 water supply projects across the globe reveal the depth of our dedication to helping end the world water crisis. These projects provide the source, storage, distribution and treatment of water while taking into account the unique needs of each individual community.

This dedication is exemplified in places like La Pitajaya, Peru. Prior to partnering with the EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter, community members had to travel two hours to water sources in neighboring towns to avoid the high levels of heavy metals and toxins found in their local water supply. Contaminated water was affecting the health of community members, especially children, with high numbers of bacterial and parasitic infections.

The day-to-day burden of accessing water had to change. EWB-USA provided 100% of the families in La Pitajaya with their own reliable source of water through the installation of more than 10 kilometers of pipe. Tapstands were installed outside individual homes, allowing community members ready access to water throughout the day.

Through the educational trainings we provide to ensure our projects’ sustainability, community members are able to maintain the implemented water system for years to come. For the community of La Pitajaya clean water is no longer an uncertainty — time is saved, meals are cooked, clothes are washed and overall health is improved.

See for yourself — check out the EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter in action as they work to bring clean water to the community of La Pitajaya, Peru!

The challenge is great, but EWB-USA remains committed to providing life-changing resources to the millions around the world in need. By continuing to harness the skills of our volunteers and the passion of our supporters, together we can end the global water crisis.

Will you join us this World Water Day in giving clean water? >>