Engineers Without Borders USA provides these services:

  • Engineering solutions for water supply, sanitation, energy, agriculture, structures and civil works for communities outside of the United States
  • Engineering design and related technical services for infrastructure projects for underserved communities in the United States
  • Engineering consulting services for NGOs and governments working in the development sector

Are you a community interested in partnering with EWB-USA?

EWB-USA accepts applications from community-based organizations from all over world, including the United States, that have a demonstrated need in one or more of our six project areas.

Communities Outside of the United States

These steps will guide you through the application process. Use Google Translate to read the instructions in a different language. For further information about our community and local partnerships, please see our In-Country Partner FAQ. In addition please visit the Community Partnerships resources.

1. Review the Application Instructions and Criteria

EWB-USA considers various criteria when reviewing a Community Program Application. Please read the application instructions and the criteria carefully before filling out the Community Program Application to ensure that your identified needs and proposed project(s) fit our community-development model. Please note only completed applications will be reviewed and must include the following required documents: 1) Signed Community Statement of Intent (CSI), and 2) Community Letter of Endorsement (please see application instructions for further details). Please see community letter example #1 and example #2

2. Fill Out and Submit the New Community Program Application

If you determine that your proposed program meets the criteria, you can either download and email the completed Community Program Application to or submit an application using an online form. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and are due on the last day of each month.

Download the instructions and application >>

Online application>>

Solicitud comunitaria para programa >>

3. Program Approval

Once an application goes into the review process, you will receive a decision in four to six weeks. If the application is approved, the program will be posted to chapters, where it becomes available for adoption by one of our student or professional chapters.

4. Program Adoption

If a chapter adopts the program, you will be notified immediately. The chapter will then become your primary point of contact, with EWB-USA headquarters staff remaining available to answer any questions.

Please note: program approval does not guarantee the program will be adopted by a chapter; we will remove the program from PAWS if it is not adopted within one year.

The Path Forward after Program Approval

After a program is officially adopted, you and the chapter will coordinate the first assessment trip, which can occur anywhere between three months to one year after the date of adoption. The highly participatory assessment trip typically lasts one to four weeks and allows the chapter and community to discuss whether or not the project should move forward. Please note that it can take up to two years from the date of program adoption before project implementation occurs.

Contact with any questions.

Communities in the United States

The Community Engineering Corps (CE Corps) partners with communities in the United States to design sustainable solutions to infrastructure problems that will help your community thrive. The application must come from a community group or a nonprofit organization that represents a community.

Learn more about applying to start a CE Corps project >>

Are you a government or NGO needing engineering consulting services?

EWB-USA’s Engineering Service Corps offers the expertise of our most seasoned volunteers to organizations in the international development sector. The Engineering Service Corps performs a variety of services, including engineering studies, owner’s representation, planning, design, and monitoring and evaluation.

Who are our clients?

We collaborate with NGOs and governments who use a community-driven approach and who lack access to the resources needed to design sustainable and appropriate solutions to engineering challenges. The Engineering Service Corps volunteer(s) will work as an integral part of the client’s team in order to balance the technical challenges with sustainable solutions that are appropriate within the context of the client agency, the communities and the broader environment.

Learn more about the Engineering Service Corps >>