Where Knowledge Meets Practice

Knowledge must meet practice for highly-skilled volunteers to see the most impact both in the field and in their profession.

From the classroom to the field, EWB-USA offers educational opportunities for EWB-USA members as well as the wider international development and global engineering communities. The goal is to create global leaders who are capable of working in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams to effectively manage projects both domestically and internationally.

Training topics are organized into three areas:

  • Community-driven Development
  • Project Skills
  • Organizational Capacity Building

EWB-USA addresses these topics through hands-on workshops, conferences, online courses, live webinars and a library of technical resources. Micro-courses are coming soon!

Micro Courses Coming Soon
Technical Resources
Conferences & Workshops

EWB-USA Annual Conference

For up-to-date conference information, visit our conference website!