EWB-USA Guidelines for Volunteer Opportunity Postings

Please review the following guidelines and example post before posting a new opportunity.

1. Any position directly affiliated with an EWB-USA activity is eligible for posting. This includes, but is not limited to, interns, one-time event volunteers, translators, committee positions, chapter volunteer opportunities (webmaster, fundraising chair, etc.), chapter mentors or Engineering Service Corps opportunities.

2. The Position Description section of the job post form must include the following information in this order. Be as specific as possible to increase the likelihood of finding an appropriately skilled volunteer for your opportunity. Use every applicable category in the guidelines when posting your position.

    • Impact on EWB-USA’s mission + vision: How does this volunteer position support the mission and vision of EWB-USA? For example, what is the impact on volunteers, communities, etc.?
    • Position Description: A brief, one paragraph description of the position + a bullet pointed list of responsibilities. (See example posts.)
    • Qualifications & Requirements: This section should be used to describe the type of person that would be well suited for this position, as well as the specific qualifications and requirements for the position.This includes licenses needed, years of experience, student/professional, previous related experience, language proficiency, etc  
    • Financial Commitment: Will there be any financial contribution expected? In this section, describe the typical costs a volunteer in this position may incur. If you think individuals in this position should attend EWB-USA events, do include that information here. If there is no financial commitment to this volunteer position, omit this section. Example: ____________ is/are expected/strongly encouraged to attend regional and national events. Typical costs incurred by the volunteer include travel, accommodations, some meals, and registration.
    • Time Commitment: This should be a reasonable estimate of how many hours per week or per month are required to do the position well. Also include how much time is spent in meetings, conference calls, time spent talking to chapters or vlunteers, etc.
    • Duration: This should set a minimum expectation for the length of commitment. In defining the commitment duration take into consideration how long a volunteer must be in the position to be effective, how long a volunteer can reasonably commit to the position, and how long it takes to on-board the volunteer to the position. (Ex: 3 weeks of training, 20 hours per week; 1-2 months full-time starting November 2016; 6 hours a week for a minimum of 2 months, year-long commitment from January 2016-January 2017, etc.)
    • Resources: Use this section for volunteers who will primarily self-train through existing resources or for whom there are existing resources that will help a prospective volunteer better understand the position. Resources available to volunteer should include documents, tools, orientation, and trainings that are available. If no resources need to be accessed by the individual, omit this section.
    • Additional documents needed: Use this section only if you are requesting a resume, or if you have specific questions you would like a volunteer to answer.

3. Positions may not promote illegal or questionable activity that would in any way undermine the name or standing of EWB-USA. EWB-USA is dedicated to the principles of equal volunteer opportunities and prohibits unlawful discrimination against applicants.

4. Postings containing any of the following will be removed by the board moderator:

    • Commercial use or solicitation of donations
    • Graphic, vulgar or inappropriate language or content
    • Unauthorized personal contact information

5. Postings which are expired and unfulfilled will be removed by the board moderator after 60 days after which time you will need to log in and re-post the opportunity. You have the ability to renew your posting before expiration, or delete it once it has been filled. Once the position is filled it is the poster’s responsibility to promptly remove the posting from the board.

6. Posts will be reviewed by a board moderator and posted within 72 hours.

Submitting a posting to the volunteer job board signifies agreement to the terms and conditions listed above. All posting submissions are subject to approval by an authorized board moderator.  EWB-USA retains the right to refuse to publish postings which do not meet these guidelines.