Top 5 Reasons to Attend the EWB-USA 2015 Regional Conferences

Registration has opened at EWB-USA’s seven Regional Conferences! Locate the conference nearest you, rally your fellow chapter members, and get registered before early-bird rates are gone!

Check out our top 5 reasons to join us at a conference this fall:

5Reason #5: Meet your neighbors

The EWB-USA Regional Conferences provide a place for our 15,900+ members to network. Attend your nearest regional conference to connect with members of nearby chapters and explore opportunities to work together. You never know — you might just find a new EWB-USA friend in your own backyard!

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4 (1)Reason #4: Inspire to be stronger together!

With 286 chapters working on 663 projects, EWB-USA’s Regional Conferences have become the place to find inspiration in the passion of your peers and the projects they work on around the globe. The unions that members create are the driving force behind EWB-USA’s mission to build a better world.

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3 (1)Reason #3: Find new tools of the trade

Regional Conferences connect you with the tools that can be utilized in your work with EWB-USA and in your own career. You will receive hands-on experience with small solar lighting systems, resources to produce quality construction designs and strategies for handling emergencies. Stay tuned to for all conference updates.


2 (1)Reason #2: Intensive workshops take learning to a higher level

This year, we’re offering more opportunities than ever for you to collaborate with our industry’s experts. Hone your expertise by participating in our intensive workshops led by EWB-USA staff. Each ​4 ​hour ​workshop ​will ​be ​interactive ​and ​dive ​deeper ​into ​the skills ​required ​of ​engineering professionals ​working ​in ​a ​global ​context.  

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1 (1)Reason #1: Contribute to the Big Picture!

We have thousands of members working on a variety of projects around the world. The EWB-USA Regional Conferences gives us the chance to come together and see what we can do collectively to contribute to the big picture! Through workshops, networking and sharing personal experiences, this is our chance to make a difference. Join us at EWB-USA 2015 Regional Conferences and see how you can become part of our story.