The Value of an EWB-USA Membership

Whether you are brand new to EWB-USA or a seasoned veteran, being a member is a meaningful way to make a direct impact in the global community while also developing critical skills for your professional and personal life. Check out our members’ top five reasons to join EWB-USA and become a member today!

1. Create professional networks and friendships that are built to last

“I joined EWB-USA as an engineering student to build my resume and travel, pretty practical reasons. I’m no longer an engineer, but I’ve stayed with the organization because I get to work with the sort of people I want in my life and in this world–people passionate about using their talents to positively impact others’ lives.” – Dan Voss

An EWB-USA membership connects you with a strong group of 15,900 like-minded individuals and provides opportunities to network at a local, regional, national and international level. Members participate in regional and national conferences, hands on workshops, online courses, and live webinars.

2. Access resources and tools to create successful projects

“Joining this organization has given me direction in my life as a student and a whole new perspective on international development projects. EWB-USA gives you so many tools to become better informed and educated, it’s great!” -Sarah Sliker

The EWB-USA resource library contains hundreds of articles and document examples that can be used to guide your project process. Members also have exclusive access to discounted water testing kits, software, and satellite phone services. In 2016, EWB-USA launched the Volunteer Opportunities Board which helping members connect to additional volunteer opportunities.

3. Engage in continuous learning by participating in community projects

“I’m a member of EWB-USA because of the opportunity to engage in continuous learning of engineering, project management, sustainable development.” – Mira Armstrong

In 2014 our members partnered on 663 life-changing projects in 45 countries. Members work with communities to find sustainable solutions, participate in the project process and acquire the skills needed to be effective engineers.

4. Cultivate curiosity and understanding to guide action

“My involvement with EWB-USA over the past ten years has emboldened not only my curiosity, imagination and resourcefulness to make the world a better place, but also the empathy, humility and tenacity to re-orient my own ambitions at the services of those in greatest need.” – Frank Bergh

EWB-USA members carry the attributes of service participation, openness to experiences, agreeableness, and higher-than-average professional skills. A 2011–2014 study of four professional engineering organizations sponsored by the National Science Foundation demonstrates that EWB-USA volunteers stand out from their peers in both the classroom and the workplace.

5. Members are the backbone of the overarching EWB-USA movement

“I truly believe in the EWB-USA mission and being an EWB-USA member is one way I can contribute to that mission on a wider scale than my work with local chapters.” – Katie Boniface

EWB-USA members are united under a movement that believes in engineering change. Each individual and chapter is part of a broader organization that is influencing international development in a positive and sustainable way, while shaping the discourse on working in the developing world. By becoming a member, you are a part of the EWB-USA mission.

About the Author
Engineers Without Borders USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.