The Best of the Best: EWB-USA’s Premier Chapters

EWB-USA is proud to announce this year’s Premier Awards, which recognize our volunteers who go above and beyond in service to our organization and our partner communities. This week we would like to recognize the incredible work being done within our student and professional chapters across the nation.

Premier Chapter Awards

Our annual Premier Chapter Awards recognize an EWB-USA student and professional chapter who strive to meet the ideals of a successful EWB-USA chapter. These ideals include excellence in organization, fundraising and public relations; engagement in mentor/mentee relationships; and chapter and regional participation with EWB-USA.

Premier Student Chapter: EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter

EWB-USA Princeton University ChapterThe EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter continuously dedicates themselves to the empowerment of both their volunteers and partnering communities in Peru, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic. Their Kenya program was an EWB-USA Premier Project Award winner last year. In addition to their work abroad, their on-campus Sustainable Engineering and Development Scholars (SEADS) program has gained national attention. We are proud of this chapter’s hard work and dedication EWB-USA!



Premier Professional Chapter: EWB-USA Portland Professional Chapter

EWB-USA Portland Professional ChapterThe EWB-USA Portland Professional Chapter has had a strong presence within EWB-USA since 2005. The chapter brims with passionate professionals whose engagement with their volunteers, partner organizations, communities and fellow EWB-USA chapters embody the spirit of collaboration. Through a thriving kickball fundraiser, they are able to sustain programs in Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras and Tanzania. The chapter also provides mentorship to local student chapters. Thank you for your contributions, EWB-USA Portland Professionals!

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