Share Your Passion: EWB-USA Regional Conference Call for Presentations

EWB-USA’s fall Regional Conferences are right around the corner and planning is in full swing! In the spirit of learning and collaboration, attendees are encouraged to present on relevant topics at the conferences. These conferences are packed full of learning sessions and are the perfect platform for sharing your area of expertise with other EWB-USA members and volunteers.

Presentation topics include but are not limited to:
  • Water Supply
  • Civil Works
  • Sanitation
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Structures
  • Education
  • Chapter & Project Team Organization
  • Leadership
  • Lessons Learned
  • Domestic (U.S.-based) Projects
  • Community Development & Partnership
  • Hands-On Learning

Have another topic you think would be a great fit for a learning session? We’d love to hear it!

Tips for a Successful Submission
  • Your session must demonstrate or be related to the work done by EWB-USA and be relevant to both engineering and international development audiences.
  • Construct your title and abstract to be specific and set expectations as to what the session will cover.
  • Clearly express the key takeaways for the audience. Ask yourself: what are the most important things someone should learn from this presentation?
Learn from 2015’s Best Presenters

1EWB-USA’s 2015 Regional Conferences had no shortage of engaging and exciting presentations. From project sustainability to water quality testing, attendees were exposed to a wide variety of topics and presentations.

Capturing the message and mission of our regional conferences, Dr. Isabel Escobar and Dr. Cyndee Gruden’s presentation on the 2014 algae bloom in Toledo, Ohio, challenged attendees to connect biological disaster to the work of EWB-USA. By using a spike in algae growth in Toledo as their primary example, Dr. Escobar and Dr. Gruden emphasized the importance of effective communication when sharing technically complex topics, a vital skill for EWB-USA members communicating with community leaders and organizations.   

Memorable presentations both show and tell their topic. For instance:
    • Walk the audience through the process. For example, if you’re exploring the importance of chapter recruitment, show the life cycle of a new chapter member, highlighting onboarding activities.
    • Seeing is believing. Expressing the importance of PVC use in your project? Bring in PVC pipes and sealant to practice with!
    • Group participation sponsors innovation. Discussing trends in project management? Have groups work together on a hypothetical project to accomplish a goal using EWB-USA’s best practices.

Submit your presentation idea today and contribute to a weekend of fast-paced training, in-depth learning and creative collaboration! The application deadline is September 4.

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