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Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping Information Handout

This Handout provides the reader with basic information on solar photovoltaic water pumping, including different applications, as  well as a comparison with other water pumping techniques.

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Home Built Hydraulic Ram Pumps

This manual provides detailed informationen on two different designs for “do it yourself’ hydraulic ram pumps. It contains part lists for both designs as well as estimations on water output dependent on quantity of water supplied per minute and the height of the source above the ram.

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Technical Training Handbook on Rope Pumps

This Handbook provided by the Practica Foundation includes all basic information on rope pumps. It covers technical aspects, installation guidelines as well as operation and maintenance. In the Appendix you can find detailed construction drawings and parts and material lists for a rope pump.

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World Bank Group – Menu of Technical Options – Water

A brief menu of technical options in terms of Water Supply, Water Treatment and Sanitation provided by World Bank Group.

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525 – Pre-Implementation – Guatemala – Water Supply

Document 525 РPre-Implementation Report Chapter: Jacksonville Professionals Country: Guatemala Community: Nebaj Municipality Project: Visibakvitz Water Distribution Systems Travel Dates: June 4 РJune 25, 2011

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Suspension Canyon and Gully Crossings for Small Scale Community Aqueducts: A Design Guide Based on Experience and Observations from Peace Corps, Dominican Republic

This report provides the resources and methodology needed to build a suspension crossing for a small-scale rural aqueduct. It identifies useful calculations and designs and is a record of knowledge gained by the author through trial and error.

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