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Community Agreement – Implementation

This document provides a template contract for the community, local partner organizations and chapter. This contract is meant to establish the specific skills and contributions of each partner towards the project.

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Community Agreement – Project Partnership

The Community Agreement – Project Partnership outlines the commitments and responsibilities of each party and is signed by all partners. It will help you set guidelines and establish commitments for each party involved in the project, prior to the design phase. Leer la versión española: Acuerdo de Asociacion al Proyecto

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Community Agreement – Acknowledgment of Completion

The Community Agreement – Acknowledgment of Completion must be signed by officials of the local NGO and the Community to acknowledge program closeout.

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PMEL Program Introduction Webinar

An insightful presentation on the EWB-USA approach to PMEL.

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904 – PMEL Lead Qualifications

This document is intended to guide chapters in their search for a qualified Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) Lead for their program. Potential PMEL Leads may also find this document useful to self-assess their suitability for a program. PMEL Leads are required for both professional and university chapters.


3 Impactful Minutes! – Program Summary (Logframe part 1)

This short webinar will define the key elements of a program summary: the goal, objectives, outputs and activities, which will be used in developing the program’s logical framework.


3 Impactful Minutes! – Agreements

This short webinar will provide clarification on which community agreement template to use at each level of project development in our international community programs.