Recognizing the Hearts and Minds of EWB-USA’s Volunteers

The Heart Behind the Mission: True Value Volunteer Awards

As we head into 2017, we are so thankful for our thousands of outstanding volunteers and their dedication to the vision and mission of EWB-USA. Because of their efforts, more than half a million people in communities across the globe have been impacted by the work of EWB-USA.  Join us in recognizing the outstanding qualities and achievements of our volunteers.

At our 2016 Regional Conferences, we introduced a new way for volunteers to highlight the achievements of their peers through the True Value Volunteer Award. This award is intended to honor any type of volunteer — member, mentor, faculty advisor — who embodies the values of EWB-USA, including:

  • Being service-minded
  • Supporting fellow members
  • Finding sustainable and creative solutions to problems
  • Equipping new leaders
  • Effectively using EWB-USA resources
  • Ensuring the safety and security for members and the partnering community
  • Aligning with the goals and purpose of EWB-USA

The response from the conferences was incredible. Stories poured in from attendees about mentors who changed lives, chapter officers who led their members through challenging times, and volunteer committees whose events united EWB-USA regions. These incredible stories of impact solidified that our volunteers truly are the best around.

And without further ado, here are the winners for the 2016 True Value Volunteer Awards!

Great Lakes Regional Conference

Ashley Robbins, EWB-USA University of Toledo Chapter President

Larry Ryan, EWB-USA Miami University Chapter Mentor

Midwest Regional Conference

Jack Olsson, EWB-USA Kansas State University Chapter President

EWB-USA Midwest Conference Committee

Chris Duerschner, EWB-USA University of Nebraska Chapter President

Northeast Regional Conference

Mark Johnson, EWB-USA Worcester Polytechnic Institute Chapter Mentor

Eshaan Patheria, EWB-USA Harvard University Chapter President

Lizz McGinley, EWB-USA Rutgers University Chapter Secretary

Southeast/South Central Regional Conference

Aaron Thomas, EWB-USA University of Florida Chapter member

Janet Chang, EWB-USA Southeast Regional Steering Committee President

Michelle Stanley, EWB-USA University of Miami Chapter President

West Coast/Mountain Regional Conference

Mark Mansfield, EWB-USA University of Arizona Chapter Mentor

Professor Colleen Bronner, EWB-USA University of California, Davis Chapter Faculty Advisor

Jax Gill, EWB-USA California State University, Humboldt Chapter President

Mind Over Matter: The EWB-USA Knowledge Bowl

In addition to the passion for high standards and community partnership, our volunteers consistently impress us with their depth of understanding across diverse areas. In 2016, our members were put to the test in the inaugural EWB-USA Knowledge Bowl! This prestigious title was no easy feat, with teams competing in a grueling trivia-based battle of the brains that tested their knowledge on every aspect of the organization. Knowledge was shared, buzzers were hit, and the competition was fierce.

We are proud to present the brainiacs from our 2016 Knowledge Bowl!

Midwest Conference

1st EWB-USA University of Kansas Chapter

2nd EWB-USA Missouri University of Science and Technology Chapter

3rd EWB-USA University of Tulsa Chapter

Honorable mention EWB-USA Iowa State University Chapter

West Coast and Mountain Conferences

1st – EWB-USA University of Wyoming Chapter

2nd –  EWB-USA California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Chapter

3rd – EWB-USA University of Colorado Boulder Chapter

Honorable mention – EWB-USA Puget Sound Professional Chapter

South Central and Southeast Conferences

1st – EWB-USA D.C. Professional Chapter

2nd – EWB-USA Clemson University Chapter

3rd – EWB-USA South Central Regional Steering Committee

Honorable mention – EWB-USA Tulane University Chapter

Northeast Conference

1st – EWB-USA University of Connecticut Chapter

2nd (tie) – EWB-USA Yale University Chapter and EWB-USA New London Professional Chapter

3rd – EWB-USA Hartford Professional Chapter

Honorable mention – EWB-USA Board of Directors

Great Lakes Conference

1st – EWB-USA Cincinnati Professional Chapter

2nd (tie) – EWB-USA Detroit Professional Chapter and EWB-USA Miami University Chapter

3rd – EWB-USA The Ohio State University Chapter

Honorable mention – EWB-USA Purdue University Chapter

If you missed out on the Knowledge Bowl or have the perfect nominee for the True Value Volunteer Award, join us at our 2017 EWB-USA Conference in Milwaukee, October 5-7. We look forward to celebrating every EWB-USA volunteer in 2017, and know that our work wouldn’t be possible without the hearts and minds behind it.


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