Our Impact in Action: 

  • This year we’ve laid the foundation for three important new programs.
  • We remain committed to building the next generation of globally-responsible engineers.
  • By providing hands-on, real-world experience, we’re equipping students with the leadership expertise to address critical infrastructure problems.
  • Our global learning lab is fostering a generation of students with a deep concern for how engineering affects underserved communities.

Collaborating Around the Globe

EWB-USA and the National Academy of Engineering will be working to deliver an EWB-USA Track of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP), allowing EWB-USA project work to be credited toward fulfilling GCSP competencies.

We are also pleased to be joining EWB-South Africa and EWB-UK in their university-focused Engineering for People Design Challenge. This prestigious competition encourages engineering undergraduates to sharpen their problem-solving skills by tackling real-world development issues.

Collaborating at Home

Our Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) program, in conjunction with our chapters and other engineering organizations, will be launching the “What’s In My Backyard?” (WIMBY) initiative. The campaign enables engineers and technical professionals to connect with organizations and communities locally, with the ultimate goal of providing engineering services in underserved communities across the US. WIMBY is made possible by a grant from the United Engineering Foundation. The collaborative campaign welcomes the participation of other engineering organizations.

“Every community deserves reliable infrastructure — it’s key to the quality of people’s lives. That’s the beauty of the “What’s In My Backyard” initiative; we unite people with a common desire to make a difference, improve infrastructure and hopefully set in motion a ripple effect.”
Clare Haas Claveau, CECorps Program Director, EWB-USA