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The Path to Water Access in the Navajo Canyon

With no access to running water, John’s family fills 50-gallon drums with river water to use for bathing, cooking, washing and irrigating their crops. John’s water story is unfortunately very familiar to EWB-USA. What makes John’s community unique is that Read more

The Global Classroom: A New Learning Experience

  What drives your learning goals? What are you passionate about? For the vast network of EWB-USA volunteers, a common answer is the desire to study, design and build engineering projects geared toward long-term sustainability. But this motivated group also Read more

Why We Partner with EWB-USA

After ITT underwent a transformation several years ago, we wanted to establish a partnership with an organization that shared our commitment to making an enduring impact on the world. To find that organization, we took a strategic approach that helped us Read more

A New Face of Civil Engineering: Katrina Myers

Engineers Week celebrates the accomplishments of many engineers across the globe. Today, we want to highlight the accomplishments of one exceptional engineer: EWB-USA project engineer Katrina Myers (PE, CFM). We’re proud to share the news that Katrina was recently named Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Professional Engineer

Join us in celebrating Engineers Week 2016! Engineers Without Borders USA equips engineers to address the world’s most pressing challenges–and professional engineers play a key role in achieving our mission. Professional engineers at EWB-USA HQ review each project to ensure Read more

Volunteer Voices: Qualities of Great Mentors

EWB-USA’s 15,900+ passionate volunteers are the heartbeat of the organization. They give their time, energy and expertise in pursuit of EWB-USA’s vision of a world where every community has the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs. Below, EWB-USA Read more

Introducing the Lessons from the Field Series

Despite our best efforts, sometimes implemented projects fail to function, key partnerships fall apart and community needs are not met. While these instances could be considered falling short of the goal, EWB-USA embraces the learning opportunities derived from failure. This Read more

Wearing Down Shovels to Build Up a Community

In the small, rural community of Llacamate, Peru, worn ­down shovels indicate two very important things: clean water and latrines are now a reality for every household. “I’d never seen anyone wear down a shovel,” said Katie Teman, a volunteer with Read more