Chapter Fundraising

Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Apply for Funding through the Project Grants Program and Employee Grants
  • Year-End Campaign
  • Host a Fundraiser
  • Share your Chapter’s Online Donation Page
  • Resources, References & Tools

Apply for Funding through the Project Grants Program

EWB-USA’s Project Grants Program, which provides funding support to EWB-USA international community projects, accepts applications twice annually in the spring and fall. The Project Grants Program is need-based; each grant cycle is intended to support projects that need funding support at this time or in the near future.

Grant Resources

EWB-USA Employee Grants Program

EWB-USA Employee Grants Program is open to full- and part-time employees of participating EWB-USA corporate partners.

  • Employee must be an official member of EWB-USA to qualify
  • Grants will be awarded to the EWB-USA chapter designated in the application, not to an individual
  • More than one member of a chapter can apply for an Employee Grant for the same project
  • Only approved EWB-USA projects will be considered for funding including International Community Programs, Service Corps, and Community Engineering Corps
  • Chapters can apply for both an Employee Grant and a Project Grand for the same project

Host a Fundraiser

You may be able to pay for your project entirely through fundraising events, such as charity dinners, walk-a-thons, or online auctions. These events will help you raise money for your project, and are a fun way to build local awareness for EWB-USA. Potential fundraiser events include:

  • Hosting an auction
  • Organizing a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or skate-a-thon
  • Honoring a special person in your life with a memorial or tribute gift
  • Organizing a kickball tournament or jerry can water walk
  • Hosting a wine tasting event
  • Offering a movie screening

For additional ideas, check out our blog post “Putting the FUN back in Fundraising.”

EWB-USA can set up your event page through Classy and then give you control over every aspect. By setting up your event page through Classy, the funds from your event get deposited directly into your chapter’s account! In order to set up your upcoming event page please fill out the following formIf you have any questions please email events

Event Insurance Guidelines >>

Creating a Fundraising Plan

  • Before hosting a fundraiser, you should create a plan that includes:
    • An organizing committee
    • A fundraising timeline
    • Creating your Classy Event Page
    • A date and location
    • A financial plan
    • A marketing strategy

More information about creating a fundraising plan >>

Share your Chapter’s Classy Online Donation Page

Chapters raise more money via the EWB-USA website than from other sites that channel donations to many causes. The best part: 100% of the donation goes to the chapter; EWB-USA HQ does not charge an administrative or transaction fee.
EWB-USA HQ sends a tax receipt to all donors (regardless of donation size) if we are provided with an email or mailing address. Chapters should send personal thank you notes to donors and provide updates on the progress of their project.

Each chapter has their own donation page that has been pre-programmed with the chapter’s general fund account information. Find your chapter’s donation page here