My Chapter/Finances

It is important for chapters to stay organized and informed regarding their chapter finances. EWB-USA chapter funds are managed by headquarters on behalf of chapters. EWB-USA tracks income and expense transactions and the balance of funds held for a chapter, as well as each of that chapter’s projects. This means headquarters processes all donations and meets all reporting requirements. We manage funds transparently, which is important for instilling confidence in our donors and partners.

How Funds Can Be Used?

EWB-USA’s Chapter Finance Policies include guidelines on how your chapter’s general fund and project funds may be used. These policies are designed to ensure that funds donated to your chapter are used to accomplish EWB-USA’s mission. You are responsible for being a good steward of donor funds and are accountable for the expenses incurred by your chapter.

Learn more about project expense guidelines in Appendix A & B >>

What Funds Does Our Chapter Have Available?

It is critical that chapters keep track of their finances. To help chapters stay informed, EWB-USA provides monthly financial reports. Financial reports reflect actual deposits and expenses.

Access monthly financial reports >>

The 707 – Chapter Financial Activity Tracking Tips is a useful tool for understanding your chapter’s finances.

Successful chapters create and use a budget. Use the 508 – EWB-USA Trip Budget Worksheet for budgeting.

How Do We Deposit Funds?

Money can be collected in three ways: check, credit card, and electronic funds transfer and wire transfer.

How Can We Spend Funds?

EWB-USA chapters can spend available funds through the following methods:

  • EWB-USA can pay a vendor directly from an invoice.
  • A member can pay for an expense and then be reimbursed by attaching receipts.
  • A member can request a cash advance and follow up with receipts.
  • EWB-USA can issue a credit card to the chapter for their use.

Submit a Chapter Expense Form or Project Expense Form to spend funds, reconcile funds spent or raise the credit limit of the chapter credit card.

Watch a 7-minute Project & Chapter Expense Report webinar for a how-to-guide that explains how to correctly fill out and turn in a project or chapter expense report.

EWB-USA sends payments on the 1st and 15th of each month. Expense reports should be submitted at least one week prior for processing. Receipts are required for all expenses.

Project Finances

QA/QC Cost Allocation
EWB-USA chapters share in funding the training, resources and quality assurance provided by EWB-USA HQ through the QA/QC cost allocation. The QA/QC cost allocation is assessed at the time of technical approval for pre-trip reports.

Before you Travel

After you Travel

Submit all expense reports and receipts within two weeks of your return to

  • Use the 506 – Project Expense Form to request a reimbursement and to reconcile a cash advance for purchases made on your chapter’s EWB-USA credit card.
  • Members that incur out-of-pocket travel expenses of $250 or more and wish to deduct those expenses can request a tax receipt from EWB-USA HQ. Volunteer In-Kind Travel Expense Form