Chapter Leadership

Your chapter plays an important role in mobilizing the global movement to build a better world. Strong chapter leadership and a strategy for recruiting, engaging and retaining members set the foundation for your chapter to partner effectively with developing communities.

Chapter Organization and Leadership

Behind every strong program is a strong chapter. A strong chapter is well-organized, has clearly defined leadership roles, and prioritizes long-term planning to ensure sustainability.

These tools help chapter leaders run chapters more effectively:

Recruiting, Engaging, and Retaining Members

Most EWB-USA members get involved by joining a local chapter. Chapter members take on a variety of roles, such as becoming officers, traveling to the community for project trips, or planning fundraising events. Through the participation and hard work of members, chapters fulfill their commitment to their partner community.

These tools help chapters grow and retain their membership:

Organizational Policies

EWB-USA has policies and guidelines in place for its members and chapters to uphold our core values. These policies ensure that we operate as one organization with aligned goals and principles: