Regional Steering Committees

Regional Steering Committees facilitate connections within the EWB-USA network. They support the success of chapters by connecting chapters to training, resources and exchange of effective practices and lessons learned. They committees:

  • Develop one-on-one relationships with chapter leaders
  • Host training and networking events
  • Facilitate communication among chapters and EWB-USA leader
Regional Resources

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Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Regional Steering Committee and seven state representatives (Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin) focus on supporting quality conferences and specialized networking events for members in the region.

When surveying the great lakes region (GLR), one of the largest requests from members was to increase the opportunities for student and professionals in the development field to gather and discuss solutions to global issues. Since 2011, the GLR has sponsored the Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship (APTE) Summit, hosted by Ohio State University. This summit gathers social entrepreneurs from around the globe, students and community members to explore sustainable solutions to poverty.

The GLR has also hosted and sponsored training opportunities through international organizations such as Village Earth and the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, offering the GLR and other EWB-USA regions hands-on training in subjects ranging from sustainable community development to rural latrine construction.

Great Lakes Regional Steering Committee

Co-President: John Watson
Co-President: Sumeta Sachdeva
Vice President: Esther Johnson
Secretary: Erin Cummings
Treasurer: Kevin Kho

Great Lakes State Representatives

Illinois: Vivian Wong
Illinois: Dina Betts
Indiana: Rob Sedivy
Kentucky: Tyler Parke
Michigan: Bruce Nieman
Ohio: Jim Moyer
Ohio: Anna Florian
West Virginia: Tyler Parke
Wisconsin: Rachel Beyer


The Midwest Regional Steering Committee brings solidarity to the EWB-USA student and professional chapters located throughout the Midwest. The region includes Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Objectives of this committee include: facilitating intra-regional communication and cooperation, evaluating nominees and chapters for national awards, working with chapters to carry out regional events that encourage collaboration, sharing best practices and showcasing chapters’ work around the world.

Midwest Regional Steering Committee

President: Gina Gansmann
Vice President: Zane Pennock
Secretary: Paul Smith
Treasurer: Kellen O’Brien
Mentor Coordinator: Joe Elsinger
Past President: Dan Voss
Board of Directors Representative: Jodi Gentry

Midwest State Representatives

Iowa: Zane Pennock
Kansas: Mike Oum
Minnesota: Samantha Meyer
Missouri: Audrey Freiberger
Nebraska: Matt Dworak
North Dakota: Toby Anvik
South Dakota: Eric Chapin


Each year, the Mountain Regional Steering Committee encourages each state within the region to host events that sponsor connecting chapters across the state, sharing best practices and learning new skills. This region includes Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
Past state events have included a concrete slab-pouring workshop and community mobilization training. This committee also hosts a webinar each spring. The webinar includes presentations about chapter management and development theory, as well as and updates about individual chapter projects.

Mountain Regional Steering Committee

President: Ms. Danny Walters
Vice President: Brittany Duong
Secretary: Sarah Moore
Treasurer: David Heinrich

Mountain State Representatives

Arizona: Lizzie Greene
Arizona: Cody Pederson
Colorado: John Craven
Colorado: John Humphrey
Montana: Logan Warberg
New Mexico: Cassandra Rodarte
Idaho: Erin Poor
Wyoming: Vacant
Utah: Vacant


The Northeast region includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. This regional steering committee facilitates student and professional chapter development, education and cooperation.

Northeast Regional Steering Committee

President: Kayla Mineau
Vice President: Ryan Gordon
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Paolo Belfiore
Webmaster: Taylor Brown

Northeast State Representatives:

Western Pennsylvania: Melissa Day
Eastern Pennsylvania: Vacant
New York City: Mira Armstrong
Upstate New York: Haley Canham
New Jersey: Herbert Ramirez
Delaware: Vacant
New Hampshire: Jon Ordway
Massachusetts: Ryan Gordon
Vermont: Jon Ordway
Connecticut: David Kurtz
Rhode Island: Ryan Gordon
Maine: Jon Ordway

South Central

The South Central region includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The region facilitates student and professional chapter development, education and cooperation.

South Central Regional Steering Committee

President: Duyen Nguyen
Vice President: Courtney Irwin
Treasurer: Corrie Thompson
Secretary: Ashley Corker
Mentor Coordinator: Julie Jones
Past President: Chris Lombardo
Social Media Chair – Ollie MacGorman
Mentor Chair – Larry Bentley

South Central State Representatives

Louisiana: Courtney Irwin
Oklahoma: vacant
Texas (North/West): Julie Jones
Texas (Central): Laura Sampson (Stahnke)
Arkansas: No Chapters


The Southeast region includes Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The region facilitates student and professional Chapter development, education, and cooperation.

Southeast Regional Steering Committee

President: Michael Kamprath
Vice President: Janet Chang
Treasurer: Jing Liao
Secretary: Catherine Eichel
Mentor Coordinator: Vacant
Public Relations: Vacant
Previous President: Katrina Myers

Southeast State Representatives

Alabama: Vacant
D.C.: Jonathan Mead
Georgia: Sammie Swamy 
Maryland: DeeDee
Virginia: Ken Erney
Mississippi: Bill Mitchell
North Carolina: Katie Boniface
South Carolina: Jonathan Lin 
Florida: Natasha Koermer
Tennessee: Stephen Edwards

West Coast

The West Coast Region is comprised of six states: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Hawaii. The region facilitates student and professional Chapter development, education and cooperation.

West Coast Regional Steering Committee

Co-President: Pat Coyle
Co-President: Jonathan Lim
VP of Internal Affairs: Courtney Boyle
VP of External Affairs: Imaan Taghavi
Secretary & Mentor Coordinator: Kim Prisock
Treasurer: Dan Clark
Social Media Coordinator: Xavier Hernandez

West Coast State Representatives:

Washington: Patrick Cummings
Alaska: Chase Nelson
California (Northern): Pamela Salas
California (Central and Southern): Mike Ward
Oregon: Rachael J. Shea
Hawaii: Wesley Wong