Health & Safety Committee

The Health & Safety (H&S) Committee holds overall organizational responsibility for EWB-USA health and safety protocols. Responsibilities of the H&S Committee include:

  • Policy development
  • Establishing H&S practices and guidelines
  • Recommending changes in EWB-USA administrative documents to properly incorporate H&S elements
  • Reviewing potential EWB-USA projects during the project acceptance phase
  • Providing structure for the review of H&S planning on all projects
  • Supporting project teams and EWB-USA staff when special planning needs arise
  • Evaluating incident reports
  • Recommending and implementing program changes
  • Facilitating training sessions (online and live) to increase the education and awareness of the EWB-USA community on H&S
  • Monitoring the progress of the H&S program
  • Providing periodic reporting to EWB-USA headquarters regarding H&S policies and programs

If you are interested in joining the Health & Safety Committee or learning more information, contact