New Brand Guidelines

EWB-USA has updated our Brand Guidelines, the primary tool to help connect your chapter’s look, feel and messaging to the larger organization. These new guidelines, as well as other helpful resources, are available in the Chapter Marketing and Communications Toolkit in the Help Center.

Changes to note:
  • Chapters have NEW logos, which are available here.
  • EWB-USA is no longer using the blue/black logo. Current organizational logos are available here for your use.
  • Photo and video procurement: When in the field, EWB-USA volunteers must acquire explicit permission before photographing or videoing community members. Be sure to communicate that these photos may be used in marketing materials to share the EWB-USA story with wider audiences. This reminder has been incorporated into the Brand Guidelines, Chapter Agreement and Community Agreement.

EWB-USA chapters must follow EWB-USA’s Brand Guidelines in all print and digital communications. Our brand is strongest when it is unified among chapters and headquarters. Consistent branding provides a level of confidence in the minds of our supporters and the general public that reinforces the legitimacy and impact of the organization.

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