Community Engineering Corps and Disaster Recovery

Engineers Without Borders USA’s domestic program, Community Engineering Corps (CECorps), and our volunteers are eager to help in areas recently affected by extreme weather and other disasters. While we are not a rapid response agency, we might be able to Read more

The Quest for Clean Water in the Salinas Valley

Surrounded on all sides by farmland sits a small, disadvantaged community of 10 housing units in California’s Salinas Valley. The primarily Spanish-speaking residents are agricultural laborers who work the fields of what is commonly known as “America’s Salad Bowl” due Read more

The Path to Water Access in the Navajo Canyon

With no access to running water, John’s family fills 50-gallon drums with river water to use for bathing, cooking, washing and irrigating their crops. John’s water story is unfortunately very familiar to EWB-USA. What makes John’s community unique is that Read more