Congratulations to the 2015 Premier Project Award Winners

The EWB-USA premier projects are chosen annually based on the community projects they have worked on over the past year. The award recognizes excellence in EWB-USA projects and highlights projects that deliver high quality, sustainable solutions to help meet the basic needs of partnering communities abroad.

We’re excited to announce that this year’s winners of the 2015 EWB-USA Premier Project Awards are the EWB-USA Boston Professional Chapter, the EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter and the EWB-USA University of Colorado Boulder Chapter! Learn more about these award-winner projects below:

EWB-USA Boston Professional Chapter
Guimacan Region, Honduras | Water Supply

The EWB-USA Boston Professional Chapter’s water supply project in the Guimacan region of Honduras exemplifies both the technical and educational components of an EWB-USA project. The project includes building a new pump system, water tank and piping that extends over rugged terrain. This solution will provide enough clean water to supply three villages in the Guaimacan region.

This project was a true collaboration with the chapter, community, water committee, local government, partnering NGO and local engineers. The team focused on the educational requirements of the water system as much as the technical, which ensures that the community will have clean water long after their commitment is fulfilled.

EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter
Muchebe community, Kenya | Water Supply
The EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter has built both a strong commitment and a strong project since they began their partnership with the Muchebe community in Kenya in 2013. Although still in the early stages of their five-year commitment, the chapter and community have already expanded the capacity of an existing rainwater catchment system at the Muchebe Primary School capacity from 20,000 liters to 67,500 liters.

Through community surveys, strong personal relationships and constant communication, the chapter is fully in-tune with the community throughout the process. The chapter and the community’s shared commitment will ensure sustainability of the project for years to come.

EWB-USA University of Colorado Boulder Chapter
Llacamate and San Leon, Peru | Water and Sanitation

Since 2008, the EWB-USA University of Colorado Boulder Chapter has worked diligently with the Llacamate and San Leon communities in Peru to implement large-scale water and sanitation projects. The team worked closely with the communities, ensuring that they were involved in each step of the multi-phase project.

Through education, training, and working with the local water committee, the EWB-USA University of Colorado Boulder Chapter has empowered the communities to take ownership of their water and sanitation systems.