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October 25, 2018
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Impact on Engineers Without Borders USA’s Mission + Vision

Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) is partnering with communities to meet their basic needs through community-driven sustainable engineering projects. We’re building footbridges in Guatemala, installing solar panels in Sierra Leone, and developing biogas systems in India. Each one of EWB-USA’s 600+ projects follows a rigorous quality management process in order to increase the likelihood that projects are sustainable, meet a standard of care, and fulfill the needs of our partnering communities.

Description + Responsibilities

EWB-USA Professional Mentors are experienced professionals who assist the chapter in meeting the cultural, public health, environmental, economical, construction, and technical aspects of the chapter’s community development program. Professional mentors are not only responsible for the project design oversight, but also in guiding and teaching student chapters through implementation of successful projects. EWB student projects are designed to be a learning experience for the students; therefore, the mentor is there to guide the project and teach the students. As the mentor, it will be your responsibility to help the students learn the necessary skills, by doing such things as arranging for training, teaching them yourself, or by asking other professional members of EWB to help with the project. In general, a strong mentor will provide, or be responsible for, the following:

  • Project management guidance
  • Feedback on design and reports
  • Help with developing design alternatives
  • Assistance with scoping, budgeting, and milestone tracking
  • Ensuring the project goes through all the design reviews
  • Facilitation of student learning
  • EWB-USA project compliance

The traveling mentor will be the primary technical lead during the fieldwork phase of the project. In many cases this will be the REIC. In some cases where the REIC cannot travel with the team, a replacement will be chosen with the appropriate level of technical expertise. The Program Engineer will review the Traveling Mentor qualifications to ensure that the mentor is qualified and appropriate. Both the REIC and the PE will approve the Traveling Mentor.  The Travel Mentor and REIC should work together to establish clear roles, do any training, and have open lines of communication before, during, and after the trip.

Qualifications + Requirements

International Community Program (ICP) mentors are professionals with extensive experience in a field of engineering, health and safety, public health, and/or international development. Most professionals serving as mentors have at minimum 5+ years of professional engineering and development experience and have either traveled on EWB-USA projects or they have worked extensively in other countries either for work, Peace Corps or some other related activity. Mentors are valuable partners and resources for ensuring a successful design and sustainable project. Mentors work directly with project teams and EWB-USA Program Engineers to ensure project quality.

To be considered for the position of Traveling Mentor, an individual should have a combination of experiences that may include a mixture of the following:

  • Active EWB-USA member
  • Previous experience as an active EWB-USA preferred (Member, Travel Team, Project Team/Leadership, ICP Reviewer, etc.)
  • 5+ years professional (post-undergraduate degree) experience in engineering or related field (specific to the type of project being constructed)
  • 6+ months experience traveling, living and/or working internationally
  • International development, design and/or construction experience
  • In-depth experience preparing and/or evaluating health and safety plans
  • Overseeing plan execution, and/or specific health and safety training
  • P.E. License (Required for REIC in some project risk categories, recommended for traveling mentor)
  • Ability to learn and navigate new software for project review
  • Ability to coach and provide constructive, collaborative feedback appropriate for college level students and professionals project teams
  • Ability to work on a team and meet deadlines.

Resources + Training

In addition to the formal training, ICP Mentors should have a strong understanding of the EWB-USA project process and learn how to navigate Volunteer Village through training or online resources. Some of these resources include:

Time Commitment

Time commitment will vary based on the project requirements, but an average time commitment is 10-20 hours per month. Mentors are encouraged to work with the project leads as the documents for the trip are prepared. The mentor team should participate in regular calls with the team and provide feedback on all plans that are submitted.  Travel mentors should also expect weekly calls leading up to the trip and be available for the extent of the trip. Following a trip, mentors should set aside time to review any reports that are prepared by the team and may be needed to troubleshoot any issues encountered in the field.


This is an opportunity to put your expertise towards a worthy cause. Through your support and guidance, you will:

  • Prepare future engineers for the real world
  • Participate in a structured mentorship and coaching opportunity
  • Help improve the lives of our partner communities
  • Network with other experts with similar interests and experience
  • Improve the overall quality of EWB-USA’s mission
  • Build a better world

To Apply

If you are interested in a travel mentor position, below are some steps you can take to apply and get involved:

  • Provide your information on this application to help us match you with a chapter.
  • Become a member:  This will give you access to Volunteer Village our online community.  Review the opportunities chapters are posting on the field to see if you are a good fit.
  • Explore the map of local chapters here, find a chapter near you.
  • Explore our work in the world by project type and reach out to chapters through volunteer village.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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