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May 30, 2018
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Technical Review Committee | Community Engineering Corps
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Virtual Opportunity
United States


The Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) is a domestic program formed through an alliance between the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association, and Engineers Without Borders USA. CECorps brings underserved communities and volunteer engineer leaders together to advance local infrastructure solutions in the United States.

All CECorps projects must follow a rigorous quality management process in order to increase the likelihood that the projects designed by each project team meet partner community needs. The TRC is responsible for reviewing each project before the project team enters into an engineering services agreement with the partner community as well as before any engineering reports, drawings, calculations, or other related materials are released to the partner community or a regulatory agency.

Specifically, the TRC members review 543 Work Plans to ensure that the project has a reasonable scope of work and schedule, and 546 Design Reports to ensure that they meet the stipulations of the engineering services agreements, take into account the regulatory constraints of a project, and that overall the projects protect and preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Each project will be assigned a TRC of three members. Once assigned to a project, a TRC member will remain as a reviewer for that project until its completion to ensure continuity and familiarity with the project, the project team, and the community.

- possess at least four years’ experience in a field of engineering or other discipline relevant to a project (e.g. water treatment operations)
- be a current ASCE, AWWA, or EWB-USA member

- commitment to the CECorps mission
- accountability to fellow TRC members in ensuring timely reviews in accordance with established review criteria

This varies greatly by project and month. Some months may require no work while others require review of a large set of plans and specifications. This can range from 0-20 hours per month. We are happy to work with individuals to accommodate their specific availability.

Other than the financial commitment required to be a member of one of the three alliance organizations, no additional funding is required.

To Apply

Interested volunteers must apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to In your cover letter, please address any experience you have with community development projects as well as assessment, design, management, operation, or review of small-scale infrastructure projects. You may also list any other volunteer experience you have had that would contribute to your effectiveness on this committee.