International Community Programs (ICP) Reviewer

May 28, 2018
Committee/Program Name
International Community Programs
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Virtual Opportunity


Impact on Engineers Without Borders USA’s Mission + Vision

Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) is partnering with communities to meet their basic needs through community-driven sustainable engineering projects. We’re building footbridges in Guatemala, installing solar panels in Sierra Leone, and developing biogas systems in India. Each one of EWB-USA’s 600+ projects follows a rigorous quality management process in order to increase the likelihood that projects are sustainable, meet a standard of care, and fulfill the needs of our partnering communities.

Serving as an International Community Program (ICP) Reviewer you can play a critical role in ensuring the quality and success of every project implemented in the name of EWB-USA ranging from technical review, health and safety, international development, and cultural competency. Join us in building a better world together by serving as an ICP Reviewer!

Qualifications + Requirements

ICP Reviewers are professionals with extensive experience in a field of engineering, health and safety, and/or international development. Most professionals serving as ICP Reviewers have at minimum 5+ years of professional engineering and development experience and have either traveled on EWB-USA projects or they have worked extensively in other countries either for work, Peace Corps or some other related activity. ICP Reviewers are valuable partners and resources for ensuring a successful design and sustainable project. ICP Reviewers work directly with project teams and EWB-USA Program Engineers to ensure project quality by providing support and periodic reviews to help achieve intended project outcomes. To be considered for the position of ICP Reviewer, an individual should have a combination of experiences that may include a mixture of the following:

  • Active EWB-USA member,
  • Previous experience as an active EWB-USA (Member, Travel Team, Project Team/Leadership, Mentor, Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC), etc.),
  • 5+ years professional (post-undergraduate degree) experience in engineering or related field,
  • 6+ months experience traveling, living and/or working internationally,
  • International development, design and/or construction experience,
  • In-depth experience preparing and/or evaluating health and safety plans, overseeing plan execution, and/or specific health and safety training,
  • P.E. License,
  • Ability to learn and navigate new software for project review,
  • Ability to coach and provide constructive, collaborative feedback appropriate for college level students and professionals project teams, and
  • Ability to work on a team and meet deadlines.

Description + Responsibilities

Depending on the scope of the project, ICP Reviewers will be assigned to small teams with 2 to 4 other ICP Reviewers. The ICP Reviewer teams are assigned and managed by EWB-USA Program Engineers (PEs). As a team, the ICP Reviewers will enter the review process at the Alternative Analysis Phase and review the Draft and Final Implementation Plans prepared by EWB-USA chapters. An ICP Reviewer will be responsible to help ensure that:

  • Project designs promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the members of the partner community,

  • The EWB-USA project team has a plan to mitigate any travel and construction safety risks,

  • The projects meet a reasonable standard of care, and

  • The implemented projects implement appropriate technology, which the local community has the capacity to operate and maintain.

The ICP Reviewers accomplish this by providing thorough reviews of project information and implementation plans prepared by the chapters through Volunteer Village. ICP Reviewers are accountable to the project team for providing a timely review, within two-weeks upon being assigned a review. ICP Reviewers are also accountable to EWB-USA and our partner communities for conducting thorough reviews in accordance with established criteria.

Resources + Training

ICP Reviewers will attend an online training session hosted by an EWB-USA staff member. 

In addition to the formal training, ICP Reviewers should have a strong understanding of the EWB-USA project process and learn how to navigate Volunteer Village through training or online resources. Volunteer Village will be used to download the review materials and provide comments directly to the Chapter and their fellow ICP Reviewer team.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for an ICP Reviewer for any one project review is dependent on the size and complexity of the project under review. The average project review will require an estimated 12-20 hours work over an approximately three-month time frame. An ICP Reviewer will be assigned to 3-5 projects throughout the year. ICP Reviewers may elect to review a greater or lesser number of projects depending on their availability. ICP Reviewers must commit to a 1-year term and may renew their role each subsequent year.


This is an opportunity to put your expertise towards a worthy cause. Through your coaching and reviews, you will:

  • Prepare future engineers for the real world,
  • Participate in a structured mentorship and coaching opportunity,
  • Help improve the lives of our partner communities,
  • Network with other experts with similar interests and experience
  • Improve the overall quality of EWB-USA’s mission, and
  • Build a better world.

EWB-USA will provide employer recognition through personalized letters to ICP Reviewers' employers. All work can be done remotely (online and over the phone) on a flexible schedule.



To Apply

Interested volunteers must apply by submitting a resume and completing an application. If you believe you meet the qualifications and are interested in serving as an ICP Reviewer, click the following link to apply: 

ICP Reviewer applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.



This is an unpaid volunteer position and no expense reimbursement is available. All reviews are expected to provide their own internet and phone services for their reviews. No financial contributions are associated with this role.