International Community Program – Sierra Leone, Dumangbe (Unassigned)

May 1, 2018
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International Community Program - Sierra Leone, Dumangbe (Unassigned)
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International Community Programs (ICP) - Unassigned Program

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Community Program Background

Country: Sierra Leone

Region: Southern

Municipality:  Pujehun District

Community: Dumangbe

Community Based Organization: Dumangbe Progressive Union (DPU)

Local NGO Partner: Foundation for Integrated Development in Sierra Leone (FID/SL)

Local Government Partner (if applicable): Pujehun District Local Council (PDC)

Project Type (Community’s first priority project type): Poor access to surrounding areas or nearby communities

Community’s Challenges Description: The Dumangbe community is faced with multiple of problems/challenges since the end of the 11-year Rebel war in 2002 and recently of the Ebola Epidemic. Amongst the most prominent challenges are: 1) Poor road network linking the two settlements; 2) Poor medical and environmental health facility; 3) Food insecurity; and 4) limited employability skills among youths. The community has been able to identify these due to persistent death cases from drowning in the stream, hunger, disease outbreak and malnutrition, economic poverty and high domestic and other crime rates among youths in the community. In April 2015, few months after the Pujehun district was officially declared Ebola free by WHO, the Dumangbe community, having lost 23 people to the Ebola virus in August-October 2014 made several representation and appeals to the NGO partner (FID) to support them address their community needs. As part of FID’s approach to community development and in a bid to undertake a sustainable post Ebola intervention in the project community, an Ebola impact assessment on Livelihoods, Agriculture and community development was conducted with stakeholders and the general population of the Dumangbe community, where a problem census survey was conducted and a problem tree drawn to capture the views/perceptions of the community and analyzed in June 2015. In September this year a review and further planning sessions were also held in the community and during such meetings community members were able to now identify the need to construct a Bridge to link the two settlements as their first major community priority as this according to them has deterred their development for the last decades. (See 501 Document for more information)

Estimated project budget (labor, materials, and equipment): $35,000

*Please note that the estimated budget will likely change based on the scope and does not include travel and logistical expenses.

Number of people in the community: 600


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