International Community Program – Rwanda, Rwili (Unassigned)

July 10, 2019
Number of volunteers needed
1 Chapter
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International Community Programs (ICP) - Unassigned Program

Chapters interested in starting a new International Community Program (ICP) can apply to adopt an Unassigned Program. All Unassigned Programs have been reviewed and approved by the Application Review Committee (ARC) and therefore, meet our international community partnership criteria.

Community Program Background

Country: Rwanda

Region: Western Province

Municipality:  Muhanda Sector-Ngororero District

Community: Rwili

Community Based Organization: Rwihi High School Parent Committee

Local NGO Partner: Integrated Development Action Rwanda (IDA Rwanda)

Local Government Partner (if applicable): Muhanda Sector

Project Type (Community’s first priority project type): Sanitation

Community’s Challenges Description: Inadequate sanitation and hygiene facilities at Rwili High School is among the most pressing challenges that profoundly impede the school community, especially girls and female teachers to maintain proper hygiene and privacy during periods. The number of girls attending the school is 1,207, occupying slightly more than half (50.4%) of the total number of students. However, female students and teachers only share 12 pit toilets at a ratio of 100 students to 1 latrine; (the recommended ratios by WHO for girls and boys are 25:1 and 50:1 respectively). This results in long queuing time especially during break and becomes difficult to maintain the facilities clean. Also, as the school is located in a low-lying area at the foothill of a mountain, water table usually rises during heavy rain periods and causes latrines to overflow. This forms a major environment concern which can lead to an outbreak of several diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, etc… in the community. Additionally, the school does not have a private room for girls’ privacy during periods, forcing them to skip classes rather than facing an embarrassing menstrual leak at school and teased by classmates. The lack of sufficient sanitation and hygiene facilities at the school is among top factors leading to a low academic performance amongst girls, as they skip classes during periods in fear of being teased by their classmates. Thus, the highest priorities for the school and the community in general is to provide adequate sanitation facilities and private rooms for girls where they can get/change a pad.

Estimated project budget (labor, materials, and equipment): $68,500

*Please note that the estimated budget will likely change based on the scope and does not include travel and logistical expenses.

Number of people in the community: 8,500

To Learn More about this Unassigned Program

If your chapter is interested in learning more about this program, please see the Community Partnership Application for this program.

***Please note: Chapter Leadership access is needed to view this Unassigned Program in Volunteer Village. If you do not have Chapter Leadership access, please submit a “Support Request.”


All Team Applications for Unassigned Programs will be evaluated based on the following criteria: status and quality of any existing community programs within the chapter; proposed fundraising plan; membership capacity; quality management plan; as well as the Responsible Engineer In Charge (REIC) qualifications and Mentor Team qualifications.

Please review these articles for more information regarding team qualifications:

Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC) Qualifications

ICP Project Role Descriptions and Requirements

Mentor Team Qualifications

Chapter Eligibility: In order to start a new International Community Program, all chapters will need to be eligible to start a new program. Please review this article for more information regarding chapter eligibility.


If your chapter has any questions about this Unassigned Program or for more information about how to apply to adopt this program, please contact Gretchen Smithwick,

Please do not contact the proposed NGO, community, or local government partners directly. If your team has additional questions that are not answered in the Community Program Application or Review Summary, please contact Gretchen Smithwick.

To Apply

If your chapter is interested in applying for this program, please review these instructions to submit a Team Application in Volunteer Village. Submittal deadlines are the 1st and 15th of each month. Chapter eligibility will be reviewed before the chapter can move forward with the application review process.

***Please note: Chapter Leadership access is needed to submit a Team Application in Volunteer Village. If you do not have Chapter Leadership access, please submit a “Support Request.”

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