Hey, Members! Here’s What the New Volunteer Village Means for YOU

As we transition into a digital project process for EWB-USA projects through PAWS, we are also transforming and personalizing the EWB-USA volunteer experience one profile at a time. We have officially launched Volunteer Village — the premier center for volunteer interaction! Visit the myEWB-USA home page to begin exploring Volunteer Village.

Volunteer What?

Volunteer Village is a new EWB-USA member exclusive space for communicating with fellow members. Once you sign up for membership, you’ll be directed to this space as the next step for becoming involved in EWB-USA as a volunteer. Within Volunteer Village, users can:

  • Share interests. Create individual profiles highlighting volunteer experience you have and opportunities you’d like to hear more about. This empowers our members to get to know each other on a national level.
  • Connect with people and opportunities through Chatter online forums. Are you interested in mentoring a chapter? Join the mentor group. Wondering how other project teams have solved a water project issue? Create or follow a water-related topic. Want to see what other chapters or regions are doing to create successful fundraising campaigns? Ask your peers. This space allows members to access any EWB-USA member, providing unlimited possibilities for member interaction. EWB-USA staff are also online to support you and moderate groups.
  • Work on EWB-USA projects through our streamlined digital project process (PAWS). PAWS users can easily access topical Chatter groups and can create and update their profiles to interact with non-PAWS users. This section of Volunteer Village creates a space for chapter officers and project team members to submit documents, get information about each step of the process, interact with program engineers and mentors and ensure a smooth path to project completion. Users should check out the updated reporting templates in the resource library and as well as these handy articles in our Help Center about PAWS. (Note: This part of Volunteer Village is limited to those users who are directly involved with the project process for their chapter. Chapter officers and project leads were given access to PAWS initially; additional volunteers and new leaders can request access to PAWS here.)
How will you use Volunteer Village to change the world?

This is the place for you to showcase your talents and explore more of what EWB-USA has to offer! Bring your ideas, your curiosity, your questions and your enthusiasm for participating in EWB-USA’s many opportunities. If you’re not an EWB-USA member, join now to gain access to all that Volunteer Village has to offer!

Already a member? What are you waiting for? Check out what all the hype is about!

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