Finding Wonder in Everyday Engineering

It’s no secret that the power of engineering has transformed the world we live in. Engineering feats surround us, from the roads we drive on to the roofs over our head. Every day, Engineers Without Borders USA harnesses the skills of this unique group of world-changers to tackle the challenges that keep the world’s poorest people from living healthy, productive lives.

From February 19-23, engineers and non-engineers alike came together to celebrate Engineers Week, a week dedicated to recognizing the many ways engineers inspire wonder. In honor of engineers, we challenged you to a game of “I Spy,” encouraging you to turn the magnifying glass on the everyday engineering feats that make your life run smoothly.

Your contributions blew us away! From cellphones to calculators, bridges to heating systems, it was clear how vital engineering has become in our everyday lives. Take a peek at some of our contest winners and see for yourself how inspiring the world of engineering can truly be.

While this year’s Engineers Week has come to an end, we’re proud to work with the best and brightest in this exceptional industry all year long. Without the power of engineering, our work at EWB-USA would not be possible. Thank you, engineers!

A big thanks, too, to our Engineers Week contest sponsor, NCEES, for your commitment to engineering change with EWB-USA and your dedication to advancing professional licensure for engineers.

About the Author
Engineers Without Borders USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.