Engineers Week Contest: Let’s Play “I Spy!”

At long last, Engineers Week is almost here! From February 20-24, we invite you to join us in a thought-provoking game of “I spy something engineered” to celebrate the remarkable engineering feats that surround us.

Engineering is everywhere. It shapes our world, from the roofs over our heads to the roads we drive on. But engineering has become so integrated into our daily lives that it blends into the background.

It’s time to turn the magnifying glass on the systems and structures that make our lives run smoothly. Together, we can tune into these acts of engineering large and small and recognize them through a good old-fashioned game of “I Spy!”

Time to Play “I Spy”

During Engineers Week, February 20-24, go about your daily routine with a camera in hand and play “I spy with my little eye.” Look around and ask yourself:

What feats of engineering do I see?

In my home?

On the way to work?

In my school?  

How is my life improved by the engineering that surrounds me?

Snap a photo, caption the shot and share it on The Water Cooler by clicking “Add a Post.” Note: You can also post via your favorite social media channel with the hashtag  #EWBUSA if your settings are public.

Contest Prizes

Each day we’ll select three entries to receive $50 Amazon gift cards. Winners will be selected based on creativity, ingenuity and down-right fun.

Make sure to keep an eye on The Water Cooler throughout the contest. This conversation hub brings all our social media channels into one shared space, so you’ll be able to see others’ “I Spy” entries and watch for daily winner announcements.

Start looking around you and get ready to play … we can’t wait to see engineering through your eyes!


Our Engineers Week contest is sponsored by Bechtel, a partner of EWB-USA and the presenting sponsor for the new IMAX film Dream Big, which showcases the inspiring work engineers are doing worldwide. Showings start February 17, so get your tickets today!


About the Author
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