Community Engineering Corps and Disaster Recovery

Engineers Without Borders USA’s domestic program, Community Engineering Corps (CECorps), and our volunteers are eager to help in areas recently affected by extreme weather and other disasters. While we are not a rapid response agency, we might be able to contribute to such a response by following the leadership of organizations that have particular expertise in that area and responding to community requests for assistance.

Any organization or community with a project on the ground or in formulation is invited to fill out our Community Application to request assistance. Engineering services are provided pro bono.

We are also compiling a roster of volunteers who are interested in helping in recently affected areas including Texas, Puerto Rico and other US Territories. As projects come in, we will reach out to this list to find appropriate project teams. Our volunteers should be cognizant that CECorps does not cover volunteers’ costs (e.g. travel, per diem, etc) unless those are provided by a sponsoring organization or under a grant.

If you have contact with communities or organizations in disaster-affected areas of the US and its territories or if you are interested in volunteering for recovery projects, please contact us at


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