The Path to Water Access in the Navajo Canyon

With no access to running water, John’s family fills 50-gallon drums with river water to use for bathing, cooking, washing and irrigating their crops. John’s water story is unfortunately very familiar to EWB-USA. What makes John’s community unique is that he does not live in a developing country thousands of miles away. John lives right… Read more »

Why We Partner with EWB-USA

After ITT underwent a transformation several years ago, we wanted to establish a partnership with an organization that shared our commitment to making an enduring impact on the world. To find that organization, we took a strategic approach that helped us confirm our own values as a “new” company as well as the qualities that we… Read more »

A New Face of Civil Engineering: Katrina Myers

Engineers Week celebrates the accomplishments of many engineers across the globe. Today, we want to highlight the accomplishments of one exceptional engineer: EWB-USA project engineer Katrina Myers (PE, CFM). We’re proud to share the news that Katrina was recently named one of ASCE’s 2016 New Faces of Civil Engineering, placing her in an elite group… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Professional Engineer

Join us in celebrating Engineers Week 2016! Engineers Without Borders USA equips engineers to address the world’s most pressing challenges–and professional engineers play a key role in achieving our mission. Professional engineers at EWB-USA HQ review each project to ensure it meets the highest standards possible for the community. On top of that, professional engineers… Read more »

Meet Our New Chief Financial Officer, Donna Driscoll

EWB-USA’s newest Chief Financial Officer, Donna Driscoll, is a volunteer trailbuilder on the weekends, where she digs pools for fish on the upper Colorado River, as well as being a very skilled financial professional in the office. She likes to work with volunteers and is excited to continue growing EWB-USA financially and programmatically in 2016. How did you… Read more »

How’s Everything Tasting? Effective Evaluation at the Table and In the Field

The international community named 2015 the International Year of Evaluation. Throughout this year, Engineers Without Borders USA is highlighting the four major parts of our efforts to effectively evaluate our international community programs: planning, monitoring , evaluation and learning. In this post, EWB-USA’s Impact Analysis Director, Tiffany Martindale, highlights the importance of evaluation.   As… Read more »

Two Classrooms, One Goal

In two classrooms thousands of miles apart, students in Muchebe, Kenya, and Princeton, New Jersey, are transforming into the engineering leaders of tomorrow. “We are eager to become engineers so that at one time we will be the ones to change our environment and the entire environment at large,” wrote one pupil from the Muchebe Primary… Read more »

Tough Decisions

EWB-USA members have the talent and skills to partner with communities on engineering solutions almost anywhere in the world. It’s what we’re good at and what we love to do. The trick is to ensure that we partner effectively with communities by taking the time to get to know them, listen to them, and become… Read more »