Top 5 Reasons to Attend the EWB-USA 2014 National Conference

To kick off registration for EWB-USA’s 2014 National Conference, we counted down the top 5 reasons not to miss this event! This year’s conference will be held in Reston, Virginia, (just outside of Washington, D.C.) from Oct. 31-Nov. 2. So, why should you register? Here are our top 5 reasons! Reason #5: Build friendships without borders Yes, we know… Read more »

How Community-Driven is Your Project?

On the blog today, EWB-USA member Eric Dietrich poses important questions about community-driven development from his experience with the EWB-USA Montana State University Chapter. Join the discussion by leaving a reply in the comments below! by Eric Dietrich How do you know whether your chapter and your partners are successful in building a truly community-driven project?… Read more »

Bringing Clean Water to Bbanda

The children of Bbanda led Catherine to what she describes as a swamp. But to these children, this “swamp” is their primary source of drinking water. Catherine remembers thinking, “I would never drink this water. If I wouldn’t drink it, then it is not an acceptable solution for other people.” Fortunately for the children of… Read more »

Applying the Three R’s in Candelaria, Honduras

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This might not be the mantra you’d expect to hear from a community of 2,000 people living in western Honduras. But Candelaria is not what you might expect. Candelaria’s environmental story starts in the mid-‘90s when, for the first time, plastics and other disposable materials found their way to the local markets…. Read more »

Kenyan Students Safer After Partnership with Montana Students

Cultures differ drastically, but parents everywhere share similar hopes and dreams for their children: to get a good education and to remain safe from harm. For parents in Khwisero, Kenya, the simple act of sending their children to school has proven unsafe. Schoolchildren have died in this rural region of western Kenya as a result… Read more »

Exploring New Pathways to Electricity

We’ve all heard of pay-as-you-go mobile plans, but what about pay-as-you-go solar plans? Guest blogger Victoria Arch talks about how this new technology applies to the developing world. By Victoria Arch Today in Africa over 600 million people live without access to electricity; that’s between 60-65% of the continent’s population. To meet basic energy needs,… Read more »

Growing Our Commitment to Community-Driven Work at the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting

By Ashley Templeton Rivas In March, I had the good fortune to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) Meeting on behalf of EWB-USA Headquarters. Students, youth organizations and subject matter experts gathered to develop solutions for pressing global challenges. Collaborating with others who have similar goals provided a wonderful opportunity for me to… Read more »

Getting to Know EWB-USA’s Quality Project Process

By Joshua Knight Have you ever been confused by EWB-USA’s project process? The EWB-USA project process is the main avenue we use to ensure our international community programs are of the highest quality. Over our 12-year history, the process has been refined constantly to meet this standard. It uses the professional engineering design process, which… Read more »