Community Health Workers Promote Positive Change in Cameroon

For Winifred Ngwankfu, a community health worker in Mbokop, Cameroon, the absence of clean drinking water drives her workload. But soon, her daily outlook will change. Winifred is essential to the EWB-USA Washington, D.C. Professional Chapter’s (EWB-USA DC) proposed solution to the community’s water problem. Mbokop is a remote, impoverished village in Northwest Cameroon. Clean… Read more »

Professional Engineer Spotlight: Meet Tiffany Martindale, PE

At EWB-USA HQ, professional engineers play a key role in ensuring that our 684 projects around the world are high-quality, appropriate and sustainable. Collectively, the professional engineers on our staff and in our membership ensure the caliber of the work done in the name of the organization. For Engineers Week 2015, we sat down with… Read more »

A Healthy Glass of Water

In the agricultural community of La Salitrera, Mexico, nearby rivers and groundwater wells have provided much-needed water for community members for decades. Although La Salitrera had access to a water supply, the water itself was posing serious health risks to community members, like brothers Miguel and Roberto. When Miguel and Roberto needed to quench their… Read more »

California Students Teach Organic Practices in Thailand

Coffee is a part of many people’s lifestyle. But in a community in northern Thailand, coffee is a key part of people’s livelihood. A growing coffee farming industry provides much-needed economic stability for Burmese refugees living in Maejantai, which is located in northern Thailand. For decades farmers in northern Thailand have been striving to transition… Read more »

Meet Our New International Community Programs Coordinator

Whether she’s sitting at her desk or sitting on her yoga mat, Marin Brownell pours her heart into everything she does. After serving in the Peace Corps in Panama and receiving her masters degree in international and intercultural communication, she now serves as Engineers Without Borders USA’s International Community Programs Coordinator. EWB-USA: How did you first… Read more »

The Future is Now: Assessing Financial Sustainability of Projects

By Kelly Latham Sustainability is a hot topic in international development right now–especially in the water supply sector. EWB-USA’s ten principles of development state that each project must consider the long-term availability of financial, administrative, technical, labor and material resources in order to be truly sustainable. Each of these layers is crucial to sustainability as… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the EWB-USA 2014 National Conference

To kick off registration for EWB-USA’s 2014 National Conference, we counted down the top 5 reasons not to miss this event! This year’s conference will be held in Reston, Virginia, (just outside of Washington, D.C.) from Oct. 31-Nov. 2. So, why should you register? Here are our top 5 reasons! Reason #5: Build friendships without borders Yes, we know… Read more »