California Students Teach Organic Practices in Thailand

Coffee is a part of many people’s lifestyle. But in a community in northern Thailand, coffee is a key part of people’s livelihood. A growing coffee farming industry provides much-needed economic stability for Burmese refugees living in Maejantai, which is located in northern Thailand. For decades farmers in northern Thailand have been striving to transition… Read more »

An Inside Look: EWB-USA Project Reporting Revisions

By Melissa Montgomery Project reporting is an integral part of any Engineers Without Borders USA chapter and project. Each EWB-USA chapter documents their work and program progress through standard reporting documents provided by EWB-USA HQ. This process ensures that all EWB-USA projects are sustainable and support our mission and vision. The project engineers at EWB-USA HQ… Read more »

More than Mentorship: Arup’s Story of Success

Who would have thought that a simple “yes” reply to an email would kickstart a journey beyond the safe confines of corporate America? That’s exactly what happened when Arup, a global firm of consulting engineers, was approached by the EWB-USA University of Southern California Chapter to mentor the chapter’s project in Honduras. The journey that… Read more »

The Future is Now: Assessing Financial Sustainability of Projects

By Kelly Latham Sustainability is a hot topic in international development right now–especially in the water supply sector. EWB-USA’s ten principles of development state that each project must consider the long-term availability of financial, administrative, technical, labor and material resources in order to be truly sustainable. Each of these layers is crucial to sustainability as… Read more »

Kenyan Students Safer After Partnership with Montana Students

Cultures differ drastically, but parents everywhere share similar hopes and dreams for their children: to get a good education and to remain safe from harm. For parents in Khwisero, Kenya, the simple act of sending their children to school has proven unsafe. Schoolchildren have died in this rural region of western Kenya as a result… Read more »

Getting to Know EWB-USA’s Quality Project Process

By Joshua Knight Have you ever been confused by EWB-USA’s project process? The EWB-USA project process is the main avenue we use to ensure our international community programs are of the highest quality. Over our 12-year history, the process has been refined constantly to meet this standard. It uses the professional engineering design process, which… Read more »