Engineers Week Contest: Let’s Play “I Spy!”

        At long last, Engineers Week is almost here! From February 20-24, we invite you to join us in a thought-provoking game of “I spy something engineered” to celebrate the remarkable engineering feats that surround us. Engineering is everywhere. It shapes our world, from the roofs over our heads to the roads we drive… Read more »

Engineers Inspire us to Dream Big

“When I grow up, I want to be an engineer.” That’s the statement you’ll be hearing from kids of all ages this Friday after they experience the premiere of the new IMAX and giant-screen film Dream Big: Engineering Our World. The film, presented by Bechtel in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers, takes viewers… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Professional Engineer

Join us in celebrating Engineers Week 2016! Engineers Without Borders USA equips engineers to address the world’s most pressing challenges–and professional engineers play a key role in achieving our mission. Professional engineers at EWB-USA HQ review each project to ensure it meets the highest standards possible for the community. On top of that, professional engineers… Read more »

Wearing Down Shovels to Build Up a Community

In the small, rural community of Llacamate, Peru, worn ­down shovels indicate two very important things: clean water and latrines are now a reality for every household. “I’d never seen anyone wear down a shovel,” said Katie Teman, a volunteer with the EWB-USA University of Colorado Boulder Chapter (EWB­-USA CU). “They are the hardest working people that I… Read more »

Two Classrooms, One Goal

In two classrooms thousands of miles apart, students in Muchebe, Kenya, and Princeton, New Jersey, are transforming into the engineering leaders of tomorrow. “We are eager to become engineers so that at one time we will be the ones to change our environment and the entire environment at large,” wrote one pupil from the Muchebe Primary… Read more »

Water for All: Three Communities, One Water System

Imagine only having access to water once every 7 or 14 days. For the residents of La Calona, El Maraquito and Aguacatillo, ­­ three villages located near Guaimaca, Honduras, ­­water scarcity of this magnitude was all they knew. The three villages were originally settled along a river that has become severely polluted by wastewater from the town of… Read more »

Envision 2020: EWB-USA’s New Strategic Plan

Over the past five years, we have witnessed remarkable declines in global poverty statistics. The percentage of the world living on less than $1.25 per day declined by nearly 5%. By 2020, the World Bank estimates that only 9% of the world’s population will live in extreme poverty. Engineers Without Borders USA is proud to… Read more »

Meet Our New Project Engineer, Chris Brandewie

EWB-USA’s newest Project Engineer, Chris Brandewie, has two qualities that we value here at EWB-USA: engineering expertise and a sense of adventure. From working on engineering projects in Central America to skiing steep runs, Chris pours his heart into everything he does.  How did you first learn about and get involved with EWB-USA? I first heard… Read more »