Building Strong Foundations: EWB-USA’s 2014 Annual Report

We’re excited to share last year’s many accomplishments with you in our 2014 Annual Report! The annual report highlights the stories of our communities, projects and leaders that engineered change. It also offers our volunteers and supporters an easy-to-decipher overview of our financial health. We greatly value transparency in our operations, and invite you to read the full report for a close look at our programmatic impacts and finances, which show proof of how we steward each dollar entrusted to us.

Our Impacts

In 2014, EWB-USA achieved unprecedented growth. Recognizing that our 15,900+ volunteers have more to offer both in the international sphere and here at home, EWB-USA launched three new programs: the Community Engineering Corps, the Engineering Service Corps and the Global Leadership Program.

All three programs experienced a first year filled with monumental achievements. But this expanded focus did not hinder the ongoing successes of our prolific international community program, where we continued to progress 663 community-driven projects in 45 countries.

A few of our 2014 accomplishments include:

  • Expanding our reach to 19 communities within our borders
  • Fostering new partnerships with the United Nations and other global changemakers
  • Offering our 15,900+ volunteers unparallelled educational opportunities
  • Moving 125 community-driven projects forward to the implementation phase, where blueprints become realities.

Our Numbers

EWB-USA’s commitment to integrity ensures that donors’ financial resources are guided responsibly. This year’s annual report provides donors, volunteers and communities with information on how their investments were used, with direct ties to our audited financial statements.

A few of our 2014 noteworthy numbers include:

  • Raised more than $4.3 million in contributions
  • Received more than $3 million in in-kind skilled professional engineering hours
  • Added 10 new capacity-building corporate partners

From everyone here at EWB-USA HQ, thank you for building a better world with us in 2014. With your help, we will continue to partner with communities around the world to find practical, long-term solutions to poverty.

Read the full 2014 Annual Report to see how your support ensures our projects are built to last >>


About the Author
Mary Perkins
As EWB-USA’s Public & Donor Relations Director, Mary Perkins is responsible for the organization’s fundraising initiatives. Mary enjoys live music, good food and wine, and navigating bustling marketplaces around the world.