Bring On the Clean Water: World Water Day & COVID-19

Water is health. Water is dignity. Water is a human right. Water is life.

There is nothing more fundamental to our very existence.

In recognition of World Water Day and the current Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the hope we’ve provided across the globe in the form of clean water. 

“With water comes better health, food, and prosperity. When clean water is flowing, health, education, and prosperity follow,” says Gerard Dalziel, EWB-USA Program Engineer with dozens of water projects behind him.

With over 70% of Engineers Without Borders-USA’s projects addressing water needs across the globe, we’re bringing clean water to the people who need it most and providing a solid first line of defense in the fight against Covid-19: clean water.

Pusunchas, Peru | EWB-USA Princeton University Chapter

Community members and our volunteers dig a trench for a new water line that will bring clean spring water to this community.


Volunteers and community members gauge water volume and capacity.



EWB-USA’s Princeton University Chapter flush out the system ensuring that only clean water flows for the residents in this mountainous region of Peru.


Komucala, Bolivia | EWB-USA Gateway Professional Chapter

New spring boxes, storage tanks and a water distribution system are providing water directly to homes in the community of Komucala. We are now working with the community to bring flush toilets to every home.


Las Delicias, Panama | EWB-USA Northeastern University Chapter

EWB-USA volunteers teach community members how to cut and thread galvanized iron pipe.


A community member and volunteer confer while staking out the pipelines for a soon-to-be installed water distribution system.


Members of the EWB-USA Northeastern University Chapter collect water samples to assess the water quality. The Chapter completed an initial water distribution system in 2018, and are now working designing and implementing an additional drinking water supply system, further increasing the community’s access to safe water.


La Reforma, Guatemala | EWB-USA Old Dominion University Chapter & Tetra Tech

In partnership with Tetra Tech and the EWB-USA Old Dominion Chapter, EWB-USA is helping the community of La Reforma, Guatemala implement a clean, safe, and sustainable water distribution system including both gravity-fed and pumped water. As a result of this project hundreds of villagers will soon have a reliable source of clean water, saving them time and energy.

Amanfrom, Ghana | EWB-USA Columbia University Chapter

Professional well drillers get the water flowing in Ghana.


Community members in Amanfrom, Ghana–primarily subsistence farmers– are excited to see the water flowing. The new taps will mean women will no longer have to haul their water long distances.





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