Expanding Our Reach with Community Engineering Corps

The Community Engineering Corps (CE Corps) is a groundbreaking alliance between three premier engineering organizations: Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The CE Corps harnesses the expertise of thousands of volunteers by providing pro bono engineering services that address the infrastructure needs of underserved communities in the United States.

"The Spirit Lake community has many needs, and few resources available to meet those needs. By partnering with the CE Corps, we now have the knowledge and resources to make our dreams a reality." - Frank Black Cloud

The CE Corps works collaboratively with communities to design solutions to problems that the community has identified. The CE Corps only partners with communities that do not have the financial resources to access engineering resources in a traditional manner.

Example projects that the CE Corps work on include providing a model sanitation solution to isolated homes in a tribal community or assisting a community where a public building is flooded on a regular basis. Read full project stories >>

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How does a community apply to start a project?

Does your community need engineering assistance? CE Corps partners with communities to design sustainable solutions to infrastructure problems that will help your community thrive. The application must come from a community group or a nonprofit organization that represents a community.

Learn more about applying to start a project >>

Volunteer Opportunities

Use your engineering skills to make a difference! There are opportunities for members of EWB-USA chapters or ASCE or AWWA sections to volunteer their time and expertise to help communities that have requested the assistance of the CE Corps.

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