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What is the Health and Safety Program?

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EWB-USA believes that the health and safety of its volunteers and its community partners is imperative to EWB-USA’s mission of assisting communities in meeting their basic human needs. While individual projects are intended to improve the quality of life for communities, the Health and Safety Program specifically addresses the risks of travel and construction to our members and our partners.

EWB-USA’s vision of a successful Health and Safety Program is that all members understand and are prepared to mitigate the risks associated with international travel and construction projects in developing communities. This includes the existence of an overall culture of safety for the organization, a continuous mechanism to improve the safety practices of EWB-USA, and the goal of eliminating or decreasing the number of incidents.

The Health and Safety Program will:
  • Improve safety education and awareness among our volunteers
  • Provide guidance to prevent or mitigate accidents and injuries
  • Provide emergency procedures if an accident or injuries occur
  • Set minimum standards expected of our members
  • Identify roles and responsibilities within the health and safety plan
  • Provide for the education and training of our volunteers

Health and safety considerations should be incorporated as an integral part of all EWB-USA projects, from initial project consideration and planning through implementation and follow-up monitoring.

Role of the Health & Safety Officer

Each travel team includes at least two Health & Safety Officers (HSO) who are responsible for completing health and safety planning prior to travel, promoting compliance with the health and safety plan while in-country, and responding to health and safety incidents. All Health & Safety Officers are required to have current CPR and First Aid certification. Wilderness first aid is encouraged.

High-Risk Travel Location Requirements

As part of the health and safety planning, travel teams need to check if their travel destination(s) are located in a country or area in a country with an ISOS HIGH risk travel security rating and/or Department of State Travel Warning issued. Refer to the High-Risk Travel Location Requirements page for locations of concern and additional information. Travel to a High-Risk location requires completion of Appendix A of the Travel Safety Plan.

Health and Safety Plan Report Templates

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